All Excel Workshops

All Excel Workshops


8 hours

All Excel Workshops

The Workshops will be delivered 1 Hour each Week.​

Content of this workshop

Basic Excel

Week 1 : Column Width & Row Height / Formatting / Paste Special / Filter / Sort

Week 2 : Freeze Panes / Find / Conditional Formatting / Print Range & Page Set Up

Week 3 : Basic formula; we will look at 11 simple formula and different ways of entering them and how to check if they’re right.

Intermediate Excel

Week 1 : Keyboard Shortcuts / Dollar Symbol / Concatenate Formula / Blobby (Fill Handle)

Week 2 : Named Ranges / Data Validation / Protect Workbooks

Advanced Excel

Week 1 : Data Set Up / If Formula / Nested If Formula / VLOOKUP

Week 2 : Pivot Tables / Pivot Charts / Timelines & Slicers

Week 3:  Linking Files / Macros’ (Basic)


8 hours

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