Get to the heart of your data faster with VLOOKUP in Excel

Sprint to the finish line with this essential data analysis function. When it comes to analysing data, I love a trick that will speed things up and get me to the heart of my data faster. As much as I love Excel, sitting at the computer for hours on end manually sifting through data is […]

Your quick guide to Excel’s CTRL shortcuts

On your marks, get set, go – these quick shortcuts will get your spreadsheets over the finish line faster! I’m constantly in awe of Excel’s capabilities to allow you to analyse data in a fast and efficient way. There are so many Excel shortcuts (including Excel’s CTRL shortcuts) available to help you streamline your activities […]

Excel Shortcuts That Will Change Your Life

Excel shortcuts to change your life: A pair of hands typing on a keyboard

Hold on to your keyboards, these Excel shortcuts are going to change your life and streamline your spreadsheet usage forever. I have absolutely no problem admitting that I can be a bit lazy, although I prefer to call it ‘being efficient’. It’s a fact; if I can make Excel do it, then NO WAY am […]