Let Excel Do the Hard Work

This is our bespoke service which will use Microsoft Excel to find solutions to your problems.

With Microsoft Excel’s flexibility and endless functionality, the solutions we build will be exactly what you require. We specialise in understanding the needs of a client and, with years of experience under our belt, can quickly set to work building a solution which meets your exact specifications.

We are experts at simplifying and streamlining manual processes using Excel automation. This reduces the need for manual intervention and, at the same time, will increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your processes.

Microsoft Excel can effortlessly link to other systems and software so we can build a tailored solution which ticks every box, giving you better control within your business, increased productivity, and save you and your company time which can be better used elsewhere.

All projects are delivered with full user documentation and optional bespoke training. In addition, ongoing support can be made available via our popular support package.

Time and time again our bespoke solutions have been able to provide companies with an alternative to purchasing costly off the shelf products which don’t quite fit all of their needs.

The possibilities are endless, so book your FREE consultation today, and let Excel do the hard work.

What else can Excel be used for in your business?

Ad Hoc Dashboards

Dashboards linked to Sage / CRM / EPOS and other systems

Credit Control Process Improvement

Quote / Invoicing System

Book of Remembrance

Job / Invoice Tracker

Report Compilation

KPI Reports

Telesales Monitoring System

Holiday / Sickness Tracker

Case Study 1 -

Simplifying a month end accounting process

The Problem

This client knew they needed to simplify their complex month end accounting process.

Their process takes data from two different accounting systems for approximately 30 different companies, using different currencies.

Once consolidated, the data needed to generate 15 different reports, grouped and split by different hierarchy levels.

The client was already using Excel, but the process was extremely manual, time consuming and prone to error.

The Solution

Excel Ace automated much of the process to make it quicker, more efficient and reduced the risk of manual error.

This now enables the client’s month end process to complete in a fraction of the time (freeing up time to be used elsewhere). The client can now fully trust and analyse the results to make quicker decisions.

“Traci created a bespoke database to analyse my work to identify new drugs for the treatment of snakebite.

The process not only collates alot of data in minutes but also formats this into visible graphs and a report (saving hours per experiment), enabling decisions to be made in minutes. This database will be used for hundreds of experiments going forward, saving weeks of work.

Traci was a pleasure to work with, took time to understand a subject which was completely new to her and was extremely quick and timely with requests.”

Rachel Clare, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Case Study 2 -

Compare and analyse test results

The Problem

This client was undertaking a new project and knew their data set would be vast and would need to be managed appropriately and effectively. This is why they contacted Excel Ace.

The client wanted a way to compare and analyse test results for wide range of samples, and then illustrate the results in chart form.

They knew that due to the volume of data, this would be extremely complex and time consuming, and any manual errors could generate a costly incorrect result.

The Solution

Excel Ace built a simple process where the client could simply paste in their raw data and it then automatically analysed the results and displayed them in a simple dashboard of charts and tables.

The results were able to be viewed in a variety of different ways with a simple manipulation tool.

This has saved hours of manual work and enables the testing to proceed far quicker than with a manual process.

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